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News & Insights

Our platform continuously evolves

Showcasing the latest updates and breakthroughs in smart payment solutions across a spectrum of industries. From consumer goods to healthcare, and travel to entertainment, delve into how SKUx’s innovative technology is being applied in various sectors.

SKUx Digital Payments Innovations Featured in Nilson Report

The Nilson Report features SKUx's innovative digital prepaid cards, which offer secure, trackable solutions for CPG companies, enhancing promotional campaign effectiveness and reducing fraud.

Founder and CEO of Karen Webster Joins As Advisor To Rising Payments Technology Company SKUx

SKUx announces Karen Webster as an Advisor. Her expertise in emerging payment solutions will support SKUx’s growth and partnerships. "I look forward to helping SKUx accelerate its progress," said Karen. Co-founder Bobby Tinsley highlights Karen's innovative influence and the strength of SKUx's team.

Beth Costa Joins SKUx to Lead Healthcare Payments Enablement for U.S. Merchants and Issuers

Beth Costa joins SKUX as EVP Head of SKUPay® Healthcare, advancing healthcare payment solutions for U.S. merchants and issuers.

SKUx and Visa to Enable Seamless Digital Payment Consumer Experiences for Merchants and CPG Companies

SKUx announces an agreement with Visa to streamline digital payments, enhancing efficiency for merchants and CPG companies.

Gossip About Gossip Unveils Mondelēz’s DLT Strategy

Mondelēz's strategic embrace of DLT for consumer engagement and anti-fraud efforts, as featured in the Gossip About Gossip interview.

Mondelēz and SKUx Drive Digital Innovation with Hedera

Mondelēz International has officially joined the prestigious Hedera Governing Council, a crucial step towards driving digital transformation and innovation within the global food industry

SKUx Announces Pivotal U.S. Patent Grants to Improve and Empower Merchant Item-Level Payment Acceptance

SKUPay® is the first multi-patented, item-level payment adjudication technology not requiring merchants to share sensitive basket-level data externally

Quick Fixes for Customer Smiles with Digital Refunds

Learn how quick digital refunds by SKUx enhance the post-purchase customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction and trust.

Redefining FinTech with Secure, Swift Consumer Payments

When the preferred options aren't feasible, instant payment solutions bring rapid trust. Get the latest strategies to adapt quickly.

Embedded Finance and The New Frontier in Digital Payments

Explore the impact of embedded finance on industry practices and learn how SKUPay streamlines payments for better financial management.

Leveraging Branded Digital Payments for Customer Retention

How SKUx harnesses the power of digital payments to swiftly address customer dissatisfaction, fostering enhanced brand loyalty and retention.

Emplifi Integrates SKUx for Digital Customer Payments

Solution Set to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Virtually Eliminate Fraud and Do Away with Costly, Time-Consuming Paper Checks and Coupons.

Fast Emergency Relief Access with SKUx and PaaL

New SKUx Crisis Disbursements Solution Offers Breakthrough in Time to Relief, Precision and Trackability of Crisis Payments.

SKUx and Highnote Reinvent Brand Rewards

Boost customer satisfaction with our solution that dramatically speeds up response times, minimizes fraud, and optimizes logistics.

SKUx Revolutionizes Consumer Complaints and Product Recalls

SKUx's new Customer Care & Recovery solution offers rapid, secure digital responses to product recalls and complaints.

Blockchain Advantages in FinTech

Discover how blockchain revolutionizes FinTech with enhanced security and efficiency. Learn SKUx's perspective on this game-changing technology.

Benefits from FIS Filtered Spend

Discover FIS Filtered Spend for streamlined business expenses, improved compliance, and better supplier relationships, driving enhanced profitability.

Increasing Use of Digital Payments in the US

Learn about the growing preference for mobile wallets in the US, highlighting a shift from traditional cards to convenient, secure digital payments.

Swift Transfers in FinTech: Interbank Settlement Simplified

Navigate the intricacies of rapid interbank settlements in FinTech. SKUx shows how technology accelerates transactions between banks.

SKUx Secures Series A Funding

The Company Has Raised Over $22 Million As It Launches SKUPay™, Powering A New Era Of Filtered Spend And Digital Transformation Solutions.

Sometimes Mobile Loyalty Apps Can Hinder True Engagement

Understanding the impact of mobile app requirements on restaurant loyalty programs and exploring efficient alternatives for diner engagement.

Trisha Asgeirsson Joins the SKUx Advisory Board

Asgeirsson Joins SKUx As The Company Launches SKUPay™, Powering A New Era Of Adjudicated Spend And Digital Consumer Engagement Solutions.

Jason Sinclair Joins the SKUx Advisory Board

SKUx bolsters its Board of Advisors with Jason Sinclair, a digital strategy expert from Glow, bringing pioneering experience into conversational commerce.

SKUx 2022 Mobile Consumer Offer Pilot with Apple Pay

Explore the success of SKUx's 2022 pilot linking smart offers with Apple Pay, leading to increased consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

SKUx Welcomes Timothy Schar as Chief Growth & Admin Officer

Tim Schar appointed as Chief Growth and Administrative Officer at SKUx, bringing extensive technology and investment banking expertise.

SKUx Welcomes Bryson Hale as VP Marketing

Bryson Hale joins SKUx as VP of Marketing, bringing 20 years of experience transforming advertising into trackable mobile offers.

SKUx Launches Offer (X)ccelerator

SKUx unveils Offer (X)ccelerator™, transforming advertising with secure, trackable mobile offers for higher conversion and actionable consumer insights.

SKUx Featured at Money 2020 Las Vegas 2021 Event

Bobby Tinsley, SKUx Co-Founder, discusses SKUPay™ and consumer engagement at Money 2020, highlighting transformative retail solutions.

SKUx and Hedera Hashgraph Nasdaq Interview

SKUx and Hedera Hashgraph discuss their synergistic fintech partnership in an in-depth CNBC interview with Jon Najarian.

SKUx Set To Displace Outdated Coupon and Settlement System

SKUx partners with Hedera Hashgraph, innovating payment-based offers with enhanced security and efficiency.

St. Pete Blockchain Startup Aims to Shake Up the Promotions Industry

St. Pete blockchain startup SKUxchange targets industry overhaul, enhancing transparency and reducing fraud in digital promotions.

Path to Purchase Institute Features SKUx Karen Sales

Join Karen Sales of SKUx in a thought-provoking panel on the evolving role of weekly circulars in today's digital-first shopper marketing landscape.

Jon Najarian Interviews SKUx

Catch CNBC's Jon Najarian in conversation with SKUx's Bobby Tinsley and Karen Sales, exploring strategic insights on digital strategy and partnerships.

Innovation Center Recognizes SKUx as a Top Startup

SKUx earns a spot on Tampa Bay Inno's 'Startups to Watch' list, celebrated for its rapid growth and innovation in the Florida tech scene.

Deb Henretta Joins the SKUx Advisory Board

Retail titan Deb Henretta joins SKUxchange's advisory board, bringing her Fortune-honored expertise to tackle blockchain industry challenges.