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Item-Level Adjudication

Built for merchants, with consumers top of mind

Our patented SKUPay® technology enhances a variety of business-to-consumer payment use cases that involve merchant-led and manufacturer-funded programs for healthcare benefits, incentives (coupons, rebates, rewards), customer support resolution, fund disbursements, and more.

Transformative item-level eligibility payment processing through a single implementation

Transformative item-level eligibility payment processing through a single implementation

Our approach enables faster acceptance of current Healthy Benefit cards while simultaneously providing merchants’ greater tools to control their data and future proof their business.

SKUPay also enables self-service program setup and management of item-level targeted payments, aligning with merchants’ desire for control and efficiency.

We are payment type agnostic with flexible routing and one-to-many program acceptance capabilities, which speeds up time to market and creates an intuitive ‘front end’ to program providers.

SKUPay supports both physical and digital cards across both open loop and closed loop program types for ultimate payment control and flexibility.

In-store, item-level promotions that really produce

Offer in-store QR code promotions or digital retailer gift cards for item-level promotions to drive trial, purchase intent, and private label product sales.

Reduce costs, drive sales with innovative instant rebates

Issue branded digital prepaid cards as an instant rebate, processed at the point of sale, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving incremental revenues.

Remove the need for coupon clearinghouses

Replace traditional coupons with one-time or multiple-use digital coupons for specific products with no need for clearinghouse involvement.

Item-level payments done right.

Item-level payments done right.

Gain Control and Flexibility

Optional local adjudication, utilizing SKUx’s one-way cryptographic signature, zero knowledge proof (ZKP) process

Get to Market Quickly

One-to-many program acceptance shortens the time to get launched in market up to 90%

Lower Friction, Lower Costs

Frictionless point-of-sale implementation lowers merchant deployment costs and time to market by up to 100x

Payment Type Agnostic

Flexible transaction routing for virtual or plastic cards for debit, retailer value or promo codes

For Today's Mobile Consumers

A mobile-first digital solution built on modern technology, while still also supporting plastic

Discover New Value Streams

Our solution unlocks new incremental value the merchant can pass on to shoppers

Transaction speed, transparency, traceability & scalability with Hedera

Transaction speed, transparency, traceability & scalability with Hedera

SKUx leverages Hedera’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), whose open-source, leaderless proof-of-stake public network provides an immutable audit trail for payment transactions across the globe. SKUPay enables the real-world application of DLT to track the issuance and redemption of SKUx item-level payments across multiple industries, significantly reducing fraud while also enhancing transparency for the retail ecosystem. 

Proof of transaction and immutable audibility is becoming critically important in sectors such as healthcare, government payments and other B2B and B2C payment flows.