Item-Level Adjudication

Built for merchants, with consumers
top of mind

Our patented SKUPay® technology enhances a variety of business-to-consumer payment use cases that involve merchant-led and manufacturer-funded programs for healthcare benefits, incentives (coupons, rebates, rewards), customer support resolution, fund disbursements, and more.

Item-level payments done right.

No Outside Data Sharing

UPC transaction data stays in the merchant domain, utilizing SKUx’s one-way cryptographic signature, zero knowledge proof (ZKP) process

Lower Friction, Lower Costs

Frictionless point-of-sale implementation lowers merchant deployment costs and time to market by up to 100x

Get to Market Quickly

One-to-many program acceptance shortens the time to get launched in market up to 90%

Payment Type Agnostic

Flexible transaction routing for virtual or plastic cards for debit, retailer value or promo codes

For Today's Mobile Consumers

A mobile-first digital solution built on modern technology, while still also supporting plastic

Discover New Value Streams

Our solution unlocks new incremental value the merchant can pass on to shoppers

Fast, filtered, frictionless payments

SKUPay® by SKUx is a multi-patented technology solution transforming how item-specific consumer payments and incentives are delivered, redeemed, settled, and reported.

Instantly deliver serialized, item-level payments down to the UPC or merchant SKU, ensuring that payments for eligible items are authorized and ineligible items are declined.

UPC/SKU data stays within merchant domain
Mobile-first solution, yet supports legacy
Fast, frictionless POS implementation
Flexible transaction routing, payment agnostic
Unlocks incremental value

Accelerate Growth

The Promotional Offer Industry hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. Today’s consumer has moved on…

SKUx’s patented payments platform combines first-party data, program details, serialization, funding, settlement, and distributed ledger architecture to create a host of new opportunities for merchant-centric payments.