Emplifi Integrates SKUx for Digital Customer Payments

Solution Set to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Virtually Eliminate Fraud and Do Away with Costly, Time-Consuming Paper Checks and Coupons.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 6, 2023—SKUx, an innovative payments technology and consumer engagement platform, today announced a partnership with Emplifi to make easy-to-use, instantaneous digital payments, such as product refunds and rewards, a significant new capability on the Emplifi Service Cloud customer engagement platform.

Businesses using the Emplifi unified customer engagement platform can now delight customers with the immediate satisfaction of mobile-first digital payments and avoid time-consuming paper checks, or coupons full of friction and rife with fraud.

The partnership will allow Emplifi Service Cloud customers to engage with consumers instantly with serialized, trackable, digital payments to dramatically improve customer experience while streamlining costly logistical fulfillment processes. SKUx-powered payments cover the entire customer lifecycle, including driving new customer acquisition, keeping customers happy when issues arise, and helping brands re-engage with customers to drive Ecommerce and in-store traffic and cultivate brand loyalty with smart rewards and refunds.

“We could not be more excited about the gift of immediate satisfaction this partnership with SKUx will enable us to deliver to our customers,” said Scott Seidel, SVP, Service Cloud at Emplifi. “This solution is a true game changer that creates happier, more satisfied consumers while also dramatically improving the speed, security and trackability of payments for our customers.”

Benefits of the SKUx and Emplifi partnership include:

• Multichannel Digital Delivery – A redemption link to receive a payment can be sent via almost any digital channel, including email, SMS, social media, direct message or chat via Emplifi Agent
• Real-time Reporting and Insights – Access ongoing program data on claims and user engagement. The digital trail is easier than paper to track and manage, resulting in better budget control and fraud detection.
• Personalization and Customization – Available in flexible value amounts via virtual debit or gift card
• Moving at the Speed of the Customer – Reimburse customers instantly, directly to their mobile device.

“Today’s consumers want the convenience, speed and intimacy of digital engagement, and this partnership delivers on that need by making personalized digital payments the new currency of consumer rewards and customer care,” said Bobby Tinsley, co-founder and president of SKUx. “We’re excited to partner with Emplifi, one of the true leaders in next-generation, 360-degree consumer engagement.”

About Emplifi

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