SKUx Welcomes Bryson Hale as VP Marketing

Bryson Hale joins SKUx as VP of Marketing, bringing 20 years of experience transforming advertising into trackable mobile offers.
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SKUx is delighted to announce that Bryson Hale has joined our growing team as VP of Marketing. Bryson has over 20 years of extensive marketing, branding and design experience working with startups in various industries, most recently at Dabbl.


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Sept. 21, 2022 —  Bryson joins the company at a pivotal time as SKUx is revolutionizing the offers industry with product-based, payment-driven solutions that reinvent offers and rewards for consumer brands and retailers. Bryson will focus his expertise on leading the product launch for Buyer (X)ccelerator™, a powerful new solution that transforms traditional, anonymized advertising tactics into secure, serialized, one-to-one, trackable, high-value, mobile offers.

A self-proclaimed ‘techie with a fine arts degree and a mind for marketing’, creativity is what drives Bryson, both professionally and personally. He is a firm believer that “Good design is good business.” As a serial startup participant and long-time resident of St. Petersburg, Bryson has a passion for making the Tampa Bay Region a prime destination where tech startups are successful.

When not in front of a computer, Bryson enjoys fishing, listening to music, watching sports, trivia and doing his community service by supporting the local food and drink scene in The ’Burg.

Bryson met his wife in high school and they chose St. Petersburg to settle and raise their three sons. Fun fact: He and his wife have not missed a Rays opening day since the team’s inception in 1998.




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