SKUx 2022 Mobile Consumer Offer Pilot with Apple Pay

Explore the success of SKUx's 2022 pilot linking smart offers with Apple Pay, leading to increased consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

SKUx™, a pioneering payments technology and consumer engagement platform, has proudly announced the results of its 2022 Mobile Consumer Offer Pilot with Apple Pay®. This groundbreaking initiative represents a significant evolution in the way promotional offers are handled, encompassing every aspect from delivery and redemption to settlement and reporting. The pilot centered around a promotional campaign for an online purchase of an energy drink mix.

The results demonstrated that when a SKUx promotional offer is combined with an additional incentive for consumers to complete their payment using Apple Pay, there is a marked increase in engagement with the brand compared to other payment methods. This heightened engagement is reflected in several key metrics, including higher order values, increased redemption rates, greater conversion rates, and the acquisition of valuable real-time data insights. This study is particularly timely and relevant, as it addresses the need for greater consumer value in the face of escalating costs.

A remarkable 81.6% of qualifying iOS consumers completed their purchase, significantly surpassing industry norms. In contrast, only 44.2% of non-iOS consumers completed their purchase using other payment methods.

Apple Pay was the chosen method for 58% of all iOS promotional purchases during the campaign period.

The brand experienced a significant uptick in purchases made with Apple Pay compared to transactions prior to the campaign.

Overall, the promotional data confirmed that higher conversion rates were achieved at a lower cost, while also providing the brand with valuable analytics and insights via the SKUx platform.

“Apple stands as one of the most iconic brands globally, renowned for its unwavering commitment to consumer ease of use. We are absolutely delighted to be in collaboration with Apple, as we strive to bring to the forefront the multitude of benefits associated with using Apple Pay in our daily lives. SKUx is fully committed to instigating a pivotal shift in the mobile consumer payments landscape, continually innovating to ensure brands are equipped to deliver maximum value to consumers, particularly during these challenging times,” expressed Bobby Tinsley, Co-Founder and President of SKUx.

SKUx is at the forefront of empowering brands and retailers, significantly enhancing the distribution and engagement of promotional offers. The company has recently unveiled Buyer (X)ccelerator™, a revolutionary offer technology designed to propel SKUx clients towards higher sales conversion rates, driving incremental sales and facilitating the accumulation of first-party data. This case study was conducted in collaboration with Strike Force Energy™.

These developments are a testament to SKUx’s unparalleled ability to support a diverse range of offers, from omni-channel to major brand activations, as well as foster important partnerships.

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