Intelligent, Instant Payments​

Payments that really deliver (and delight)

The SKUx Smart Payments platform can securely deliver a branded virtual debit card, virtual gift card or promo code instantly to a consumer anytime, anywhere, via email, QR code, SMS, chat or social media direct message.

Smart Payments Platform

Instant, Intelligent Payments for any Purpose​

The SKUx Smart Payments platform was designed to enable smart, instant, and secure payment connections between merchants, manufacturers, and networks — all with the end consumer top of mind.

SKUx enables business to seamlessly engage directly with consumers by delivering a real-time, digital payments to a mobile device, supporting a wide variety of use cases covering many industries.

Rewards, & Loyalty

Drive trial for new products/services
Collect valuable first-party data
Reward market research participation
Re-engage with latent customers
Instant digital rebates & coupons

Care & Recovery

Just-in-time customer support
Real-time digital refunds (no paper checks)
Win-back upset customers
Optimize product recall fulfillment
Mitigate check/coupon fraud

Employee Rewards &

Sales goal achievements
Work-related milestones
Team building competitions
Recruiting referrals
Employer-driven health programs

Crisis Relief &

Instant digital fund disbursements
Employer-led aid programs
Volunteer/worker aid
Post-event long-term support
Volunteer Reimbursements

Dynamic Spend Control

Ultimate Payment Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Dynamic spend controls are rules-based restricted spend capabilities for virtual prepaid card programs. Choose one or more filters to control how, where, and when consumers can effectively redeem award, rebate or promotional dollars.

Filtering rules are executed in real-time prior to the transaction being sent for authorization, greatly improving response times and makes it easy to make program changes mid-campaign if needed.

Open Loop

Branded virtual card for use online or wherever tap-to-pay is accepted

By Merchant Category

Branded virtual card for use only at certain merchant categories

By Merchant Name or ID

Branded virtual card for use only at a specific merchant brand or identifier

By Date & Timeframe

Create a sense of urgency and control promotional budgets by limiting spending to specific dates and/or timeframes

By Location

Restrict spending to retailers in specific state or zip code boundaries to ensure desired consumer behaviors

Minimum Spend

Branded virtual card for use only after the consumer exceeds a predetermined basket total (minimum spend)

Branded Virtual Prepaid Rewards

Less consumer friction, more consumer insights

When it comes to digitally sending cash rewards or reimbursements, there are a few options available, but none provide a user experience quite like a branded virtual debit card via SKUx.

No app or account is needed to access funds instantly, ready to spend in-store or online. In addition to a smooth, immersive brand payment experience, gain access to valuable spending insights such as card activations, soft or depleted balances, and transaction location data.

Delivery to spending in <60 seconds

No need for account creation

No bank account or debit card needed

Branded payment experience

Access to consumer spending insights

No app download required

No mobile phone # required

*Unless utilizing SMS for link delivery

SKUx Branded
Virtual Prepaid