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Employee Rewards & Reimbursements

Payments that cultivate culture

Improve work culture by recognizing key employees, providing incentives for exceptional performance, and encouraging safety and compliance through virtual cash rewards. Also address sales-related objectives, including rewarding direct sales team goals, or driving channel sales.

Smart rewards that produce real results

Fostering a positive work culture and ensuring employee satisfaction are key factors in driving overall business success. Our patented Smart Payments platform can improve work culture and employee satisfaction, recognize key employees, provide incentives for exceptional performance, and encourage safety and compliance through virtual cash rewards.

Sales goal achievements
Work-related milestones
Employee appreciation
Team building competitions
Recruiting referrals
Employer-driven health programs

Sales Goals Rewards (SPIFFs)

Our flexible payment platform enables businesses to create customized reward programs tailored to individual or team sales achievements. Whether it’s offering monetary bonuses, gift cards, or merchant codes, our payment solution allows management to incentivize and motivate sales teams effectively.

Driving Channel Sales

For businesses with multi-channel sales strategies, channel partners play a vital role in achieving overall success. Implementing a payment solution that rewards channel partners for meeting sales goals can significantly enhance their commitment and loyalty.

Recognize Key Employees

Build loyalty and boost workforce morale by rewarding employees with instant digital monetary bonuses for anniversaries, job referrals, or peer-to-peer recognition.

Incentives for Performance

Give cash rewards to employees who exceed their goals or consistently excel in their roles. Issue awards for innovation, goal attainment or team building competitions.

Safety & Compliance Rewards

Implement a virtual debit card reward system for employees who adhere to guidelines and prioritize safety measures, fostering a sense of responsibility among the workforce and reinforces the importance of maintaining a safe work environment.

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Employee Rewards & Reimbursements

Employee Rewards & Reimbursements