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Although payments may seem functionally ubiquitous across most business-to-consumer scenarios, we understand there are nuances in specific industry use cases. We’ve built a leading-edge, highly flexible instant payments platform to meet the uniqueness of any industry, and ultimately delight the end consumer.

Let us be your payments experts.

Consumer Goods

A comprehensive branded digital payment solution can prove to be a game-changer for consumer goods manufacturers and merchants. The SKUx Smart Payments platform leverages branded digital payments to create awareness, drive product/service trials, stimulate purchase intent, acquire new customers, collect valuable consumer data, and more.

Incentivize product trial

Drive trial for new products or services via a seamless, instant digital rebate or offer that can be restricted by merchant or product.

Reward customer loyalty

Enhance customer retention with tailored rewards that acknowledge loyalty and encourage repeat engagement.

Enhance merchant-manufacturer programs

Improve shopper marketing efforts with instant attribution for specific products or merchants, with minimal implementation friction.

Branded digital refunds

Offer immediate, branded reimbursement experiences that affirm customer trust while ensuring precise product or service targeting.

Travel & Hospitality

Leverage smart, instant payments from SKUx to enhance traveler/guest acquisition by offering digital incentives, improving customer care through instant and secure virtual refunds, and motivating employees with cash rewards to enhance job satisfaction and performance.

Attract travelers, secure bookings

Leverage the SKUx platform to create immersive promotions that deliver instant branded payment rewards that can be filtered down to the desired service or product.

A happy traveler is a loyal traveler

Ensure satisfaction by refunding upset travelers instantly with a branded virtual payment, activated and ready to spend on specific lodging, food, or future bookings.

Cultivate guest loyalty

Reward loyal guests or frequent travelers with branded digital payments, which can be only used for certain purchases, ensuring spend is attributed appropriately.

Incentivize outstanding hospitality

Instantly reward employees or contractors with virtual cash when they go above and beyond to provide the best hospitality for your customers.

Consumer Loyalty Rewards

The implementation of an instant, intelligent digital payment solution significantly enhances the effectiveness and appeal of consumer loyalty programs in the modern marketplace. Bolster consumer loyalty programs by providing convenient and efficient ways for customers to redeem a branded virtual prepaid card. SKUx’s seamless transactions for digital payments enable real-time tracking of purchase behavior and reward accruals, fostering a more personalized and engaging loyalty experience.

Increase customer lifetime value

Reward loyal customers by instantly delivering a branded virtual prepaid card directly to their mobile device — no app or bank account required.

Add to your reward redemption mix

Enhance reward redemption options by offering loyalty members a branded virtual prepaid card that can be used instantly or be added to a mobile wallet.

Enhance reward spend attribution

With branded virtual prepaid rewards from SKUx, gain access to valuable spending insights such as card activations, soft or depleted balances, and transaction location data.

Bolster loyalty with branded rewards

Further promote brand loyalty with a virtual prepaid card complete with a company colors & logo, instantly ready to use online or anywhere tap to pay is accepted.

Sports & Entertainment

Leverage the SKUx platform to enable immersive, instant payment experiences that work seamlessly with pre-event, on-site, or post-event programs for sports or entertainment use cases — engaging and delighting patrons.

Promote on-site purchases

Launch live promotions during events, resulting in instant, secure delivery of a branded virtual payment, which can be restricted to location or certain products on-site.

Incentivize ticket sales

Use smart payment promotions to drive event attendance, rewarding patrons with sponsor-branded virtual cash to spend on-site.

Drive post-event activity

With SKUx smart payments, the show doesn’t have to stop. After attending, reward patrons with virtual payments towards merchandise or future events.

Create live, immersive promotions

Drive audience engagement by running on-site, interactive promotions with instant cash rewards, which can be limited to specific vendors or sponsors at the location.


The power of intelligent, instant payments can drive healthy behavior and reduce friction in the implementation, management, and promotion of healthcare programs for employee wellness, healthy benefits, or reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses.

Healthy benefits programs

Drive healthy habits by filtering out products at the UPC level, supporting HSA/ FSA programs and more.

Employer-funded wellness

Incentivize healthy behavior through product-based payments, ensuring programs funds are being used appropriately.

Instant insurance reimbursements

Provide instant relief for out- of-pocket health expenses by delivering reimbursement funds immediately at approval.

Drive healthy employee behavior

Incentivize employees to participate in wellness programs via payment rewards that can be spent anywhere or for very specific merchants or products.

Media & Telecommunications

Attract, acquire, or win-back phone service or streaming media customers with SKUx smart payments. Branded, instant payments can be used to enhance customer care, drive long-term customer engagement, and ultimately foster loyalty.

Instantly deliver unique acquisition promotions

Entice new streaming customers with instant virtual cash rewards that are immediately active and ready to spend.

Win back lapsed or dormant customers

Utilizing the SKUx API, queue up automated rewards at certain intervals to entice dormant customers to renew or upgrade service.

Offer co-sponsored reward programs

Drive more value for channel partners by promoting additional products and services using branded digital payments.

All roads lead to loyalty

Show your customers the ultimate appreciation for their commitment to your brand with rewards of instant virtual cash value.