SKUx Launches Offer (X)ccelerator

SKUx unveils Offer (X)ccelerator™, transforming advertising with secure, trackable mobile offers for higher conversion and actionable consumer insights.
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., January 26, 2022—SKUx, an innovative fintech company redefining the way promotional offers are delivered, redeemed, settled and reported, today launched SKUx Offer (X)ccelerator ™, a new way for brands and retailers to transform anonymized, traditional advertising tactics into a secure, serialized, one-to-one, trackable, high-value, mobile offer. The Offer (X)ccelerator allows advertisers to run their campaigns on SKU’s patent-pending, data-rich platform, which safely and securely powers cost-effective, high-conversion offers and captures rich consumer data in near real time.

Campaigns using SKUx’s groundbreaking platform result in higher conversion rates at a lower cost while eliminating fraud. Initial campaign testing has shown that half of consumers viewing an Offer (X)ccelerator™ promotion claimed the offer, while over two-thirds demonstrated intent to purchase, far above industry benchmarks.  Campaigns can run across a very wide range of promotional vehicles, from direct mail, to free standing inserts (FSI), to live events and more.

Broad distribution of offers can be challenging for direct-to-consumer brands, casual dining, quick-serve restaurants and other businesses as a plethora of low-value offers flood the market. This creates issues as offers fail to differentiate in the traditional media landscape. In addition, with traditional media distribution, the ability to acquire consumer intent and purchase data is typically unavailable.

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SKUx Offer (X)ccelerator™ triggers a serialized, unique promotion code via mobile engagement from a single, static image. It can be distributed virtually anywhere, anytime, as a serialized secure incentive to an individual device, allowing the brand to acquire intent and purchase data, while rewarding the shopper with a purchase incentive.
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Advertisers can deliver higher-value offers with far greater control over campaign costs. This improves return on advertising spend, leveraging efficient media distribution vehicles to acquire customers that show purchase intent and interest in the brand. This rich data, captured in near real time, allows brands to adjust offers to maximize effectiveness and is fully compliant with changes in privacy laws.

The SKUx Offer (X)ccelerator provides five unique benefits:

  • (X) Offer – high value offers allow for increased conversion
  • (X) Security – single use, serialized offers eliminate fraud
  • (X) Insights – rich consumer data based on intent and conversion
  • (X) Conversion – increased conversion through traditional, low-cost media channels by super charging reach
  • (X) ROAS – accelerates return on ad spend by using secure, high-value offers without the cost of variable charges to increase conversion, new customers, and valuable insights.

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