SKUx Featured at Money 2020 Las Vegas 2021 Event

Bobby Tinsley, SKUx Co-Founder, discusses SKUPay™ and consumer engagement at Money 2020, highlighting transformative retail solutions.

Blackhawk Network Customer Journey Panel Focused on Driving the Customer Journey Through Innovative Payment Solutions

SKUx Co-Founder Bobby Tinsley was invited to speak alongside global leaders in payments and incentives at the 2021 Las Vegas, Money 2020 event.

This year’s timely discussion focused on driving the customer journey through payments, and how SKUx SKUPay™ is shaping a new category of retail offers to power anywhere, anytime, secure consumer intuitive engagement. Blackhawk Network sponsored the panel with industry leadership from CPG, retail, and payments in attendance.

“It was an honor to be featured at this important industry event to discuss SKUPay™ and how SKUx and Blackhawk Network are working together to provide transformative solutions for driving incremental retail revenue through payment-based offers” said Bobby Tinsley, SKUx Co-Founder & EVP.

The SKUx launch of SKUPay is an inflection point for the offer industry across the entire customer journey. From customer acquisition, to trial, to repeat, to recovery, the SKUx Smart Incentives™ Platform provides a more secure solution.

“An example of this is our Smart Satisfaction™ offering. Many of our clients have asked for a solution to today’s outdated checks or coupon reimbursement for customer grievances. With the SKUx Smart Satisfaction™ solution, customer resolution is instantaneous with unprecedented data.”

Also featured on the panel was Blackhawk Network partner Zip, a global pioneer and innovator in Buy Now, Pay Later solutions.

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