Gossip About Gossip Unveils Mondelēz’s DLT Strategy

Mondelēz's strategic embrace of DLT for consumer engagement and anti-fraud efforts, as featured in the Gossip About Gossip interview.

In the latest installment of “Gossip About Gossip,” hosted by the distinguished Zenobia Godschalk of Swirlds Labs, an intriguing spotlight was cast on Mondelēz’s strategic foray into the digital frontier. With the expert guidance of Xiang Xu, the conversation delved deep into how Mondelēz is leveraging the power of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) to redefine consumer interactions and fortify against fraud. This critical discussion highlighted Mondelēz’s ambition to not just adapt but to lead in the digital economy by doubling its revenue through groundbreaking digital innovations. The episode served as a vivid testament to the transformative potential of DLT technology, underscoring their importance for businesses across various industries aiming to achieve monumental growth in today’s digital age.

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