Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive from executives across the country. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with SKUx today!

What is a Smart Incentive™?

Proprietary ONLY to SKUx, our digitalized incentives combine incentive/product details, serialization, funding and settlement to create a risk-free consumer incentive with 0% fraud rate and 100% redemption rate. The result – new incremental revenue, improved efficiency and laser sharp transparency for all industry stakeholders – Retailer, Brand, and Marketers.

Is a SKUx Smart Incentive the same as a coupon?

No. Our patent-pending, one-time use, serialized incentives represent a completely new category of incentive – leveraging the latest digital advancements in FinTech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Is the SKUx solution coming soon or currently active in-market?

Active in-market. Our solution is the combination of years of forward-thinking technology development and investment, led by some of the industry’s brightest minds, advisors, and most experienced retail leaders.

Is a third-party clearinghouse required?

No. Financial Settlement, redemption and reconciliation of funds and data to all parties is built into SKUx incentives and available in real-time, in a secure fraud-free environment.

How does the consumer receive an incentive?

Nearly infinite ways. As a platform as a service, we are agnostic to audience type. Our partners can engage any audience they choose – by Text, Email, Mobile, Social, Web, Banner Ads, QR Code, etc. It’s up to you, so let your imagination run wild!

How long does it take for consumers to receive a SKUx-powered incentive?

Nearly instantaneous. A SKUx Smart Incentive™ is delivered as fast as a text message sends or as fast as a webpage can load. Consumers receive the incentive almost immediately and seamlessly. The entire process from issuance to redemption is available in real-time for SKUx partners, with save-to-wallet features and robust notification tools to help increase product redemption rates.

What happens if a consumer does not use their incentive?

In the SKUx model, companies are not charged until the product is purchased. We have multiple innovative and patent-pending processes to manage incentive funding – from receipt reduction to $0 value, funded codes to empower loyalty systems. Regardless of the type or delivery method, our incentives can always be traced one-to-one, eliminating fraud and ensuring ROI for partners.

When does the incentive expire?

By default, incentives will expire 12 months after activation but can be set in any time length as determined by the retailer, brand, or agency partner.

Where can consumers redeem their incentives?

SKUx has quickly become the nation’s leading network for promotional incentive redemption. Consumers can use their incentive to purchase applicable products at virtually any retail location in the US. In addition, international expansion is on our roadmap but has not yet been announced at this time.

I'm a retailer. Is POS integration required?

No. One of our main innovations is a core solution which does NOT require any point-of-sale integration. That said, additional features and benefits can be enabled when we work directly with our retail partners. 

I'm a brand. What is the lead-time to activate a campaign?

We are ready to go live as soon as you are! All we need is your approved content. We understand the need for brands to stay nimble and flexible with their budgets in today’s unprecedented retail environment.

I'm a marketing agency. Can I create my own incentives without utilizing a 3rd-party provider?

Yes. As a platform as a service, our goal is to empower your agency to be more effective and add more value and capabilities for your trusted clients.

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