2022 Mobile Consumer Offer Pilot with Apple Pay

Resulting data from the pilot showed higher order value, increased redemption, and greater overall conversion rates for Apple Pay® users

Powerful solutions at the speed of today’s consumer

Customer Care & Recovery

In the event of a product recall or unsatisfied consumers, SKUx ensures customers are refunded instantly while also preventing waste and fraud.

Customer & First-Party Data Acquisition

BuyerX™ allows you to track and convert your offers along the consumer journey to drive incremental sales and build valuable first party data.

Crisis Disbursements

When a crisis arises, organizations leverage the SKUx platform to quickly and securely distribute funds digitally right to those who need it most.

Product-Based Payments

Seamless redemption and settlement, trust, transparency, real-time reporting, and analytical insights.

Scan. Settle. Satisfy.

Our patented PaaS technology gives on-demand solutions for consumer engagement and is setting a new standard for the promotional offer industry.

Our platform enables brands of any size to execute unforgettable and compelling consumer engagement strategies across all touchpoints to meet unique retailer and shopper needs.

Built for the digital economy, our end-to-end enterprise platform allows your company to create frictionless, seamless consumer engagement experiences from digital offer issuance to payment to redemption to settlement – building and tracking shopper engagement and product sales.

SKUx allows you to optimize your investment return, by allowing your team to manage promotional budget across multiple retailers, brands and unique offers in real time.

Introducing SKUPay®

Our proprietary payment system represents a seismic shift in the future of brand + retailer relationships with consumers.

+ First-party data acquisition
+ 1-to-1 communication from consideration to purchase
+ Secure, serialized, product-based payments
+ Real-time tracking and reporting
+ Daily settlement
+ Virtually fraud-free
+ Guaranteed ROI

Powering Payments For The World’s Leading Companies

A New Category: Product-Based Payments

Accelerate Growth

The Promotional Offer Industry hasn’t changed since the 1950’s. Today’s consumer has moved on…

SKUPay Product-Based Payments® are a patented and trademarked new category of retail value transfer combining offer details, serialization, funding and settlement to create a risk-free consumer, brand, and retailer digital experience virtually fraud free.