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Smart. Secure. Digital Offers.

Unlocking Lost Value
Across the Trillion Dollar
Promotional Offer Industry

Our patent-pending technology eliminates offer fraud and is setting a new standard for transparency across the industry.

Guaranteed ROI

We guarantee cost-per-unit-moved (CPUM) metrics will work within your budget. We only get paid on results.

Accepted at Any POS

Our patent-pending serialization lets you track your offers in real-time, ubiquitously recognized at any point-of-sale.


No Clearinghouse Required

It’s 2019. We leverage the power of blockchain and payment technology enabling near real-time offer reconciliation and settlement.

Unprecedented Reach

We are not limited to one vertical. SKUx is launching across the industry, from Convenience to eCommerce, Restaurant Delivery, Healthcare, Big Box and Grocery.

Empowering Brands in the On-Demand and Convenience-Driven Economy

SKUx is the most sophisticated risk-mitigation strategy CPG has ever seen. Our proprietary and patent-pending platform yields valuable, real-time shopper marketing insights for CPG brands, while our highly secure digital ledger provides new-found transparency and savings by eliminating offer fraud and double spending.

A New Era

The Rise of the On-Demand Economy

Mobile technologies have shifted the pattern of consumer purchasing behavior. Today’s shoppers expect to source, select, and purchase goods on their mobile device, on-demand, via a seamless experience. As these disruptive technologies become more available, archaic promotional offer vehicles such as print will decline.

In fact, in 2018 over 256 billion consumer packaged goods offers were distributed in the U.S., but nearly 254 billion (more than 99%) went un-redeemed. The economic liability is enormous, with nearly $400 billion dollars in offer value being lost. Poor consumer targeting and a severe lack of data and transparency also means brands and retailers have limited means of justifying or tracking direct ROI on their advertising spend.

In today’s environment, each player in the ecosystem creates their own offers and relies on a clearinghouse model for reconciliation and settlement. The problem is, each issuer only knows what was issued by them, but does not have accurate redemption information – thus they remain dependent on the end-of-period reconciliation process which is always in arrears. 

SKUx solves these problems.

Welcome to SKUx

With an estimated 31 billion digital offers to be redeemed in 2019, and blockchain business value forecasted to grow to $3.1 trillion in 2030, SKUx is poised to become the industry standard for blockchain SKU-level digital content.

SKUx Analytics

SKUx provides in-depth analytical tools. With a simple and intuitive interface, we’ve created selectable KPI’s and user friendly, customizable settings for your SKUx Analytics dashboard.


SKUx is incorporating next generation technologies to revolutionize a trillion dollar industry.

Our SMART and highly personalized digital offers leverage artificial intelligence to provide deep and meaningful insights to consumer purchasing behavior when it matters most. Blockchain, also known as Distributed Ledger Technology, eliminates promotional offer fraud establishing a SECURE new standard of transparency for the industry. 

Our technology enables our brand and platform partners to keep their existing internal process, yet reap all of the rewards the SKUx solution provides. No need for custom integrations and/or extensive IT/integration.

One API call. It’s that simple.

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At SKUx integrity matters. We believe when you make a commitment you should honor it. We treat our team like family as well as our partners. We believe that when your priorities are in line the right outcome is achieved.

Work hard. Play hard. Do good.