Scott Sandlin

Global Retail Leader, Investor
Vice Chairman Board of Directors, SKUx

Scott Sandlin is an accomplished C-suite executive, Board member, and investor with over three decades of leadership experience spanning fortune 50 retail, banking, the payments industry, and transformative technology companies and products.

With a globally recognized track record of delivering results, Scott is credited with developing several of the world’s leading retailer and payment-based value propositions. During his tenure at Walmart, Scott was responsible for the conceptualization, implementation, and growth of several market disruptive fintech innovations, most notably creating Walmart’s multi-billion-dollar Financial Services and Money Services business units.

As the founder of, he was responsible for the electronic payment and digital innovation growth of, export clubs, co-managed supplier replenishment, and retail link rollouts. He also led replenishment and fulfillment distribution as part of merchandise administration, which included merchandise system support, business member services, and export club merchandising. In each role, Scott consistently demonstrated an ability to navigate rapid change, solve complex problems, and collaborate with key stakeholders in support of the business goals and objectives.

Scott is an insightful strategist and authentic communicator whose philanthropic work complements his personal purpose – which is to be of service to others, with a focus on minorities and other underrepresented communities where he has led innovative community programs. One example of such passion is highlighted through his advisory work with LatinXNA, where he has spearheaded investment grants to up and coming deserving Latino entrepreneurs.

Adhering to his life-long commitment of furthering inclusive consumer financial services opportunities, Scott has extensively studied the many ways consumers today buy and use financial products, and importantly how those products can empower consumer spending, leveraging new technology.

As a Fayetteville, Arkansas native, today he and his wife Allison own and manage a 2,400-acre working farm and wildlife preserve which provides resources for the greater Fayetteville community.

Scott graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and later completed the Harvard Business School’s financial services program in executive development.