Kip Marler

VP of Operations

Kip is an operational and process-oriented leader with a proven track record of helping organizations reach their potential.

Kip is a driven, innovative and seasoned leader of successful teams, with a talent for bringing sales, technology, and operations together to maximize organizational success.He spent 13 years at Valpak, a Cox Enterprises Inc. company where he was instrumental in constructing, transitioning, and operationalizing a $220 million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Through his innovation, Kip conceptualized and implemented offer targeting, unique identifying and tracking strategies not seen in the existing space. Prior, Kip was a successful entrepreneur who understands what it takes to grow from “start-up” to scale. His areas of expertise include:

  • Driving cross-departmental successes to include exemplary achievement and advancement with IT
  • System platform development/implementation & business process outsourcing
  • Outstanding leadership & communication skills
  • Change management, culture development, and technology advancements

Kip is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and diversity within his team and his community. He has served as the Board Chair for his organization’s Community Engagement Team, and also was a member of United Way Suncoast Workplace Volunteer Council. For four years, Kip has driven more than 200 employees per year to volunteer over 2,000 community service hours in the local community. Kip headed up Valpak’s United Way campaign which increased employee engagement and financial contributions by over 50% two years in a row. In addition, Kip was a board member of the Diversity & Inclusion council and has driven such efforts to increase and improve employee relations, awareness and better recruiting practices.