SKUx Launches Buyer (X)ccelerator, Breakthrough Offer Platform That Captures Each Buyer’s Journey From Engagement Through Redemption

Allows Advertisers to Own Powerful First-Party Data and Optimize Campaign Results by Retargeting Consumers Based on Their Response to Offers and Incentives

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., July 12, 2022 — SKUx, an innovative fintech company redefining the way consumer offers are delivered, redeemed, settled and reported, today announced the launch of Buyer (X)ccelerator™, creating the first offer platform to enable the capture of powerful first-party data based on how consumers engage with offers. Near real-time data from Buyer (X) quantifies and optimizes campaign results through precise personalization and retargeting, while the advertisers retain all insights and PII data for future marketing initiatives.

Buyer (X)ccelerator™ allows brands, retailers and agencies to capture and keep near-real-time insights and data into every consumer who engages with their offer across 20 different engagement factors—from initial engagement through offer redemption. Advertisers can dramatically improve results by retargeting consumers who show initial interest but don’t redeem as well as consumers who do redeem to drive additional sales and loyalty.       Advertisers can also optimize campaign results by conducting A/B testing in near-real time, e.g., offer values, creative and media delivery methods.

Only Buyer (X)ccelerator™ allows advertisers to retain the first-party data generated by their campaigns for future target marketing and personalization, both on and off the SKUx platform. Brands, retailers and agencies choose, design and use their creative and campaign strategies, while the SKUx platform and its Buyer (X) solution make every offer serialized, secure and rich in data.

“With SKUx, we can now view consumers through their offer journey. This allows us to personalize, retarget, and create one-to-one relationships not with only buyers but with hard to reach potential buyers considering our brand. We can use our media, our offer, and deliver higher ROI and long term customer relationships,” said Bruce Schlee, president and owner of Strike Force Beverage Company, maker of concentrated, sugar-free energy packets that turn your favorite beverage into an energy drink.

A recent Strike Force Energy promotion underscores the power of Buyer (X) to help brands gain personalized consumer insights, sales growth and new trial. Using their own media selection, offer and creative, Strike Force increased engagement at every step in the consumer journey, creating 22 percent additional redemptions. Some 97 percent of consumers who viewed the offer claimed it, and 44 percent of those consumers redeemed the offer. Nearly one-third of those who redeemed the offer had never heard of Strike Force previously. In a survey of consumers who redeemed, 80 percent rated the process “extremely easy” or “easy.”

Strike Force is already planning additional offer campaigns utilizing Buyer (X)ccelerator™. Strike Force retains all of the first-party consumer data generated by this and future campaigns.

SKUx is revolutionizing the consumer offer industry, unlocking billions of dollars in value currently being lost to fraud and inefficiency across in-store, on-premise, and online.  The company is set to replace the outdated process of coupons, rebates, and promotional offers, solving long-term industry challenges for retailers, consumer brands, marketing agencies, restaurants/fast casual, and more. SKUx delivers a powerful end-to-end payments-based system across offer delivery, redemption, settlement, reporting—and now first-party data collection with Buyer (X)ccelerator™.

The SKUx platform requires no special integration by retailers or brands. Brands and retailers can use their offer and their media. The SKUx platform transforms promotions to trusted single-use, serialized offers. Marketers have unparalleled and near immediate visibility into their campaigns, allowing them to optimize performance, stay within predetermined budgets—and now track the individual buyer journey of anyone who engages with an offer.

Buyer (X)ccelerator™ meets all local, state and federal requirements for security and privacy protection.

“First-party data is a powerful tool to build closer customer relationships and greater value for consumers based on a deeper understanding of their behavior and preferences. But not all first-party data is created equal,” said Bobby Tinsley, co-founder and EVP of SKUx. “Buyer (X)ccelerator™ provides deeper and more valuable insights into actual buying behavior and consumer interest in your offers and brands. We carefully analyzed the new laws, regulations, and system implementations prohibiting third-party cookies and implemented a consumer-empowered approach to provide personalized offers to consumers without infringing on consumer privacy rights.”

“With Buyer (X), you use your media, your offer, and your campaign strategy and creative. Your offers generate the data, so you should retain those insights. With Buyer (X)ccelerator™, you finally can do just that,” Tinsley added.

Key Benefits of Buyer (X)ccelerator

  • Near-real-time insights into every consumer who engages with your offer across 20 different engagement factors
  • Find and convert consumers who engage but don’t redeem
  • Gather valuable cross-channel attribution insights to improve campaigns
  • Build rich first-party data bases for use in ongoing marketing efforts in perpetuity on or off the SKUx platform
  • Unique opportunity to continuously market to prospective buyers to further build trust and loyalty for your brands
  • Meets local, state and federal privacy requirements


About SKUx

A leading fintech innovator, SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, serialized, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today’s consumer. SKUx transforms virtually any coupon, rebate, or promotional offer into product-based payments for the world’s leading brands, marketing agencies, and retailers. Leveraging Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, the company’s patented Smart Incentives™ platform combines offer details, serialization, first party data acquisition, funding, and settlement in near real-time. The result – increased customer trust, laser sharp transparency for all industry stakeholders, and new opportunities for consumer engagement. For more information, visit

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