SKUx™, an innovative payments technology and consumer engagement platform, announced the results of its 2022 Mobile Consumer Offer Pilot with Apple Pay®. SKUx is redefining the way promotional offers are delivered, redeemed, settled, and reported. Based upon the initial campaign data promoting an online purchase of an energy drink mix, when a SKUx promotional offer includes an additional incentive for consumers to complete their payment with Apple Pay, engagement with the brand increased in comparison to other payment methods. The increased engagement included higher order value, increased redemption, greater conversion rates, and additional real-time data insights. This breakthrough study comes at a critical time, as consumer costs increase and value is vital.

The data from this small scale pilot indicates that offers powered by SKUx™ performed well above industry norms:


81.6% of qualifying iOS consumers completed purchase, well above industry norms. (This was in comparison to only 44.2% of non-iOS consumers completing purchase with other payment methods.)


Apple Pay represented 58% of total iOS promotional purchases during the campaign period.


The brand experienced a dramatic increase in purchases using Apple Pay compared to pre-campaign transactions.


In summary, promotional data confirmed much higher conversion rates at a lower cost, while providing the brand valuable analytics and insights via the SKUx platform.

“Apple is one of the most iconic brands in the world and is obsessed about consumer ease of use. SKUx is excited to be working with Apple as we bring the consumer’s attention to the many benefits of using Apple Pay as part of their everyday lives. SKUx is committed to driving a further inflection point in the mobile consumer payments journey, continually improving how brands can deliver more value to consumers, at a time when people need it most,” said Bobby Tinsley, Co-Founder and President of SKUx.

SKUx powers brand and retailer promotional offers, that drives better distribution, and consumer engagement. The company recently launched Buyer (X)ccelerator™, a breakthrough offer technology allowing SKUx clients to increase their sales conversion rates and drive incremental sales while building first party data. SKUx partnered with Strike Force Energy™ on this collaborative case study.

This further demonstrates SKUx’s ability to support omni-channel offers, major brand activations, and important partnerships.

About SKUx
An innovative payments solution, SKUx gives brands and retailers the power to deliver secure, intuitive digital offers anywhere, anytime, at the speed of today’s consumer. The company’s patented platform-as-a-service combines first-party data, offer details, serialization, funding, and settlement to increase customer trust, loyalty and create new opportunities for consumer engagement. The result – new incremental revenue, improved efficiency, and laser sharp transparency for all industry stakeholders.