Product Adjudication & Filtered Spend 2.0

SKUPay®: Next-gen payments platform for today’s consumers

SKUx has developed a patented payments solution, SKUPay®, to facilitate the use of in-store and online purchases towards specific, eligible products. These types of item-specific purchases are known to the industry as Product-Based Payments®.

In designing a digitally enabled, scalable, and ultimately ubiquitous solution, SKUx specifically addressed several key issues currently facing the industry.

For starters, merchants do not want to endure lengthy and costly point-of-sale integrations, nor do merchants desire to share their sensitive level-3 data outside of their organization. Yet, the requirement exists for adjudication (i.e., item-level/SKU-level purchase validation) in order to support a myriad of merchant led, issuer, and manufacturer funded programs.


No POS Integration

No Basket Data Sharing by Merchant Required

Flexible Payment Routing

SKUPay® empowers Merchants and open-loop networks to offer alternative rails for processing filtered spend cost effectively.

Whether you’re a merchant looking to drive filtered payment transactions without the hassle, an Issuer struggling to enable item-level restricted payments to support HSA programs or directed spend, or a manufacturer distributing filtered digital offers for in-store or online redemption — we’ve got you covered.

Use Cases

Healthy Benefits

Drive healthy habits by filtering products at the SKU level, supporting HSA programs and more.

Promotional Offers 2.0

Create awareness, measure purchase intent, collect first-party data and ensure you reach the consumers you want.

Government Disbursements

Deliver funds instantly, securely and verify they reached the intended recipents.


Embedded cryptographic filtered product lists for assistance programs stopping fraud before payment is processed.

Employer-Funded Wellness Programs

Securely provide financial assistance for employees ongoing or in the event of an unforseen crisis.

Customer Care & Recovery

Give consumers a customer service experience they expect in today’s digital mobile world.