Phillipa Greenberg, a leader in the Big Pharma analytic innovation space, and CEO of one of the fastest growing big data platforms, joins the Skuxchange Advisory Board

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 21, 2019 – Phillipa Greenberg spent a majority of her career consulting within the privatized sector of clinical research organizations and continued her career within Fortune 50 pharma, leading and growing their Portfolio Bio-Asset Analytics center of excellence. Converting her extensive knowledge of decision science and predictive and prescriptive data engineering, she has narrowed her focus on consumer behavior predilection within the ecommerce/retail sectors, working with Fortune 50 enterprise grocers and ecommerce stores.

phillipa greenberg skux advisory board“I’m thrilled to join a stellar advisory board team at SKUxchange that is helping to solve for real world problems CPG brands face, and utilizing the latest technology advances in blockchain, analytics, machine learning and AI. I’m excited to leverage my extensive background and team of data scientists for Fortune 50 clients as SKUx deploys its solution across the industry,” Greenberg said.

Today, Ms. Greenberg is a partner at ViewAds marketing, LLC and spearheads the curriculum mandates as an active Foundation Board member at Florida Polytechnic University. She also serves on the Board of Directors at Healthcare Connection of Tampa, dedicated to building sober living treatment facilities and the governance bylaws within the industry.

Previously, Ms. Greenberg actively donates her analytics to the privatized defense sector for Anti-Human trafficking task forces domestically and internationally. She has served on global policy and procedure initiatives in Washington and Tallahassee and actively serves on rescue and extraction missions to aid in the rescue and recovery relief efforts.

The company’s co-founder and executive vice president, Bobby Tinsley, added:

“It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to work with an individual who has the intellect, passion, and spirit that Phillipa embodies as an entrepreneur. SKUxchange believes in utilizing technology to make a difference, and her work in Anti-Human trafficking is a testament to her belief in that mission as well. She is a welcome addition to our advisory board team and we are honored to work with her.”

Artificial Intelligence & the Power of Data Analytics: The Next Industrial Revolution

The technology has made tremendous leaps forward, yet it remains nowhere near its full potential.

It has been said that artificial intelligence will create the next industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution that modern-day society has experienced since the dawn of mechanical production and steam power energy documented in 1784. Next on the timeline of society’s pivotal transformation was electrical energy and mass production, while the third revolution because around 1969 with electronics and evolving to include the wide spread adoption of internet technologies. Today, many agree that the next wave of disruptive technology blurring the lines between the digital, physical and even the biological, will be the fourth industrial revolution of AI. The fusion of state-of-the-art computational capabilities, extensive automation and extreme connectivity is already impacting nearly every aspect of society, driving global economics and extending into every aspect of our daily life.

The key of any organization’s digital transformation is becoming more effective at leveraging data and analytics to power their business models. That is, how can organizations exploit the growing bounty of internal and external data sources to uncover new sources of customer, product, service, operational and market insights that they can use to optimize key business and operational processes, mitigate compliance and cyber-security risks, uncover new monetization opportunities, and create a more compelling, differentiated customer experience.