Norberto Maio

Chief Enterprise Architect

Norberto is a highly accomplished technical leader with extensive experience in distributed applications and services at scale. With more than two decades of experience in the software industry, he brings proven expertise and leadership to our engineering team.

Norberto led technical teams across a wide range of industries including digital marketing, fintech, distributed ledgers, and financial brokerage.

During his professional career, he was instrumental to the success of projects in large established corporations as well as in startups at their genesis stage.

Norberto created the technology behind, recently sold for $275M. Previously, he was the architect for, winner of the “FinTech BreakThrough Award”. He is also the co-author of Ripple’s Blockchain FX market-making solution. In the corporate world, his professional experience includes roles in companies like Cross River Bank and MF Global.

Norberto brings his passion for creating innovative, advanced, scalable solutions and building the technical teams behind them.