Moshe Joshua


Moshe Joshua’s background and skill-sets lie in blockchain systems.

Moshe’s history as a Wall Street technologist, coupled together with his strategy and vision to bridge the crypto universe and traditional investment market, he provides a creative environment and seamless ways to tokenize real world financial products within a unified systematic approach; generating advantages for both fiat and crypto investors, as well as for mainstream user-experiences.

Responsible for all technology architecture, design, development and entire project lifecycles, he has consulted for many companies in the financial arena including new ventures, hedge-funds, large international banks, and specialized niche trading firms. Moshe has developed high frequency arbitrage systems to trade cross-border securities markets in the U.S., Brazil, India, Dubai, and Singapore. Moshe was recently consultant to Ripple and CTO of He is also the co-founder of and is ICO/STO advisor to a number of other companies in the crypto-space. Currently, Moshe is primarily focused on Blackmoon (see for more information) tokenizing fund investments as its Chief Product Officer.