How It Works

Introducing Smart Incentives

mobile incentive use case examples
The SKUx Smart Incentive™ platform gives you 100% control over your incentive campaigns – from issuance to redemption.


Digital incentives are run through our patent-pending SKU Incentive™ protocol where they are normalized, serialized, and given an individualized SKUx ID for tracking.


Incentives are pushed to the blockchain-based SKUx Warehouse and readily available for distribution from our retailer, brand, and agency partners. Incentives can be distributed towards any audience – from Text, Email, Mobile, Social, Web, Banner Ads, or QR Code.


Upon check-out, the serialized incentive is redeemed and the SKUx Warehouse is updated. SKUx partners have real-time access to the same redemption information.


Settlement happens in near real-time with each transaction. SKUx sends settlement amounts in USD to balance the transaction. SKUx does a “Net Settlement,” “End of Day,” or “Period” depending on each partners’ process.


Issuance to redemption, SKU-level data is available in real-time via the proprietary SKUx Analytics. Consumer engagement tools are available via selectable KPI’s and user friendly, customizable settings for hyper-targeting customers.

Intuitive Tools

Setting up and managing your directed spend campaigns is simple and intuitive. We’ve created selectable KPI’s and user friendly, customizable settings to give retailers and brands unprecedented control.

Our Blockchain Provides…

Trust and transparency


A solution for fraud and double-spend

Our AI Insights Deliver…

Smart and highly personalized digital promotional incentives

Deep insights to purchasing behavior and consumer intent when it matters most

Practical analysis leading to tactical application for brands, retail and marketing agencies

“Ultimately as we move forward into a digital future more and more double-spend problems will manifest themselves. The only solution is functionally a trust network – blockchain. We can call it an association, or standardizations but ultimately it’s a function of trust within a group of like minded profit models and non-differentiated entities within the same industry.”

~ Moshe Joshua, CTO