Digitally distribute funds directly to those that need it most

When a crisis arises, organizations leverage the SKUx platform to quickly and securely distribute funds digitally right to those who need it most.

An unforeseen crisis can create financial hardships that could affect a single family, a city of thousands, or a state of millions.

With Crisis Disbursements from SKUx, meaningful relief is delivered quickly, securely, and with full visibility on status immediately following a crisis and beyond.

Ensure Relief is
Delivered Securely

Unfortunately, when a disaster strikes it also attracts ‘bad actors’ seeking to take advantage of chaos and lack of oversight by those trying to distribute funds to those who desperately need it. To mitigate fraud, our platform uses a serialized, single use code to prevent duplicate redemptions.

Visibility Every Step
of the Way

There are many ways to provide financial support to those dealing with a crisis. However, many times those providing the assistance have very little or no insight into whether the aid reached the right people for the right need. Our patented technology enables near real-time status checks on the relief disbursed, confirming that it had been distributed to the right survivors and how many viewed, claimed and redeemed the funds.

Move at the
Speed of Digital

An unforeseen crisis requires immediate action. With Crisis Disbursements through SKUx, you can issue financial relief directly to survivors’ mobile devices in a matter of days — not weeks or months.

Mobile phones have transformed how relief agencies respond to humanitarian crises by enabling them to pinpoint where aid is needed most after hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. Once a survivor claims their funds, the average time to redemption is 48 hrs.

Preserve Survivor Dignity

Dealing with loss of property, income and standard of living from a disaster in and of itself can be devastating for survivors and their families. Not only is it stressful financially, but it also weighs on survivors’ human dignity.

The SKUx technology enables funds to be sent directly to survivors, eliminating the need to stand in line at a relief center, potentially for hours each day, to receive specific products they may not even necessarily need.

Having digital funds in hand immediately gives survivors the freedom to shop for the exact items they desperately need from area retailers, and also provide a sense of normalcy amidst a difficult situation.