Buyer(X) Wordmark TM
A breakthrough offer technology that allows you to track and convert consumers along their journey to drive incremental sales while building first party data

SKUx. Powering your offers with one-to-one-precision.

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Facing first party data challenges?

With third-party data under siege, the $152 billion digital ad industry is losing access to most consumer data.* You’ll need precise first party insights to connect with consumers.  

Introducing Buyer (X)ccelerator, a breakthrough offer technology that allows you to track and convert your consumers along their Buyer’s Journey to drive incremental sales and build valuable first party data for the long haul.


Case Study: How Strike Force Energy drove 31% new trial and 22% increase in redemptions Using Buyer (X)ccelerator™


Press Release: SKUx Launches Buyer (X)ccelerator, Breakthrough Offer Platform That Captures Each Buyer’s Journey From Engagement Through Redemption

Buyer (X)ccelerator powers your offer so you can incent, track, and retarget consumers, building personalized relationships, expanding your database, and driving sales.

The Buyer (X)ccelerator Difference

Use your media and your offer to reach your audience

Track consumers along their journey — from offer engagement through redemption

Retarget prospective buyers who engage but don’t buy to drive incremental sales

Retarget purchasers to build loyalty and incremental sales

Retain all first-party data for future marketing — on and off the SKUx platform

Virtually eliminate fraud, even with high value offers

Fully compliant with privacy regulations

Make marketing investments work harder, with fewer buyers lost along the journey